How About Them Apples?

The quilt in all it's apple-y glory!

The quilt in all it’s apple-y glory!

Okay, I am getting sucked into quilting.  I was warned that it could happen and although I felt that my life was pretty darn full of hobbies already, it has happened swiftly and now I spend my time hunched over a ruler or my sewing machine.

Back in the Fall, I signed up for an Apple Block exchange at the quilt shop.  The swap meant that you picked a color (either green, red or yellow) and crafted 12 blocks.  We then met up for a block exchange and traded them out; you left with an array of blocks in unique fabrics.  It is a great concept: your  own blocks are now out in the universe on someone else’s quilt, a very community oriented way of quilting.

The original pattern called for a wall hanging, but I decided instead to create a lap sized quilt for my mom for Christmas.  I had to create a pattern from almost scratch, using the pea quilt as a template.  Again, thank goodness for the refresher in 6th grade math last year!

As the quilt was a mixture of all sorts of fabrics, I wanted to do a bright border and chose some 1930s reproduction fabrics.  The border fabrics really brightened up the quilt and make it look almost whimsical.  I could have gone kitschy and picked out some apple fabric, but I’m really happy with what the borders showcase on the apples.  For this quilt, I wanted to splurge, and support my local quilt shop, so I had the blanket long-arm quilted.  The pattern was leafy yet subtle and really made the blanket even more special.

An apple up close

An apple up close

The apple quilt now resides at my mom’s house, draped on a quilt rack where I know she admires it every day.


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