Avocados and Tahini!

My new favorite thing!  Pass me the pita bread.

My new favorite thing! Pass me the pita bread.

Two of my favorite things to always have in the kitchen are avocados and tahini, but honestly, the thought never occurred to me to combine them.  Lo and behold, an authentic Lebanese recipe to use both as a condiment.  According to the cookbook Lebanese Cooking,  the recipe is called Avocado Bi Tahini, but has variations and names around the Middle East.  I frequent Middle Eastern restaurants of all varieties and have never seen an avocado based recipe on the menu, but according to the cookbook author, this is a standard sauce regionally.  Here’s to hoping that this combination gains traction stateside!

The recipe is so basic and simple, yet so rich with flavor.  In a bowl, mash 2 garlic cloves with salt to taste.  Then mash in two ripe avocados with a little lemon juice until all lumps are gone.  Add in more lemon juice, 5 Tbsp of tahini and 1 tsp. of ground cumin.  Add crushed peppers on top if preferred.  Serve!

I made this as an alternative sauce for falafel and tabouli (from pre-mixed boxes — sometimes you have to skimp on making everything from scratch).  I  think this would be great as a spread for a wrap sandwich with veggies and feta.  Or, this would make a great veggie dip.  The possibilities are endless!


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