License Plate Bird House

A-frame birdhouse

A-frame birdhouse

I can find a secondary use for almost anything:  an empty vodka bottle becomes an olive oil dispenser, single socks become dust rags and plastic bags have a long, useful life in my home.  I had my first set of Oregon license plates just laying around and I knew I could create something cool with them.  It dawned on me that the size of the license plates was perfect for a birdhouse, and if I angled them just right, I could create an A-frame style house.  (I’ve always been partial to A-frames — it must be because I was born in the 70s.)  Thanks to some assistance from my resident master woodworker, and voila, an A-frame bird house made out of my old license plates!  Now, I haven’t seen many birds milling around it, but I also haven’t seen any bees either, so perhaps in a different climate this will actually serve a purpose other than purely an aesthetic one.


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