Celebrating Your Month Birthday

Taking a few moments to celebrate another month

Taking a few moments to celebrate another month.

This is something I began doing in earnest this year, although I contemplated it for several:  celebrating my birthday every month.  I’m not talking about anything extravagant and I do not make a big fuss about it.  What I do is take an hour or so to enjoy and celebrate another month gone by.  Last night was my date, so after chores and other cumbersome tasks, I poured myself a little drink, lit a candle, grabbed a book, a knitting project and a quilt, then parked myself on the couch for an hour.  It was a relaxing way to unwind, and it reminds me to take care of myself, to be grateful for another month, to look forward to what lies ahead.

Sure, you don’t need a special date on a calendar to do something good for yourself.  And, as I can demonstrate, it really does not cost money to be good to yourself.  Taking care of yourself includes taking moments to just be and those can happen every day, too.  Life is all about enjoying what you’ve got, when you’ve got it.  Cheers to the little moments in life that we can celebrate!


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