Yes, Towels Can Be Cute

Embroidery dresses up the mundane

Embroidery dresses up the mundane

Even the smallest, most useful things in our lives can be beautiful.  Take the humble towel, existing solely to mop up our messes and dry off our bodies. Thankless towels spend the majority of their existence damp and in service.  So, let’s do something to make these utilitarian instruments more aesthetically pleasing.

Let me state that I love embroidery!  It is a mixture of sewing and painting and, as evidenced above, can liven up the standard.  I am a fan of the old  iron-on transfer patterns that you find in any general craft store.  There are myriad themes from the super kitschy to the sweet.  Embroidered tea towels make perfect housewarming gifts that can be personalized to your recipients tastes, from steelhead to martinis to pastoral scenes.  These towels are both useful and charming.

Ready for service

Ready for service

Complimenting the embroidered towel is the knit towel.  Made with 100% cotton, these towels are very absorbent and quick drying.  There are many patterns online, or you can create your own very easily.  If you love flat two-dimensional knitting projects like I do, then you’ll love making towels.  And, washcloths.  Knit washcloths are awesome for dishes:  soft, reusable, non-smelly (like sponges), and scrubby.  Washcloths are another super easy, meditative knitting project that elevate a utilitarian tool to something more.


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