Green Eggs and Hot Dogs

Green eggs and kosher hot dogs!

Green eggs and kosher hot dogs!

There are recipes created on camp stoves that would never taste the same if replicated in a kitchen.  You won’t find Ramen noodles and hard boiled eggs on a typical breakfast menu, but as fortification for a day in the kayak, nothing beats this salty concoction.

Camp meals can be very well-planned out, or they come together spontaneously out of hunger or just some outdoorsy inspiration.  I’ve crafted some pretty high-brow fare in Bishop the Westfalia, and this recipe is arguably not for the gourmand:  green eggs and hot dogs.  Take one bell pepper (the green), saute with garlic and  dried spices (oregano, parsley, paprika), slice up some hot dogs, scramble in some eggs and top with cheddar and salsa.  Mmmm, this is one tasty camp breakfast!

Every meal I eat while camping somehow just tastes better, even the most simple things, not to mention my morning coffee.  My senses must be heightened away from my normal environment for every morsel is somehow more delectable.  I’m sure that a lot of what I perceive as tasty is simply just an appreciation for food eaten out of the ordinary.  Perhaps this exaggerated taste is driven by a smidge of an instinct here:  food is hard to come by in the wild.   I know that for myself, I’ll take a haphazardly planned meal made on a camp stove, enjoyed in a beautiful setting over table service, china and white tablecloths any day.  My concept of fine dining is all about eating in an amazing location and nothing more.

Bishop along the canyons of the Owyhee river.

Bishop among the canyons of the Owyhee River.



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