Loving My New, Homemade Risotto Spoon!

The perfect angle for all that stirring!

The perfect angle for all that stirring!


You never know what kinds of things are going to be made in this household.  From the dead ambiguous fruit tree in our front yard, I give you homemade wooden spoons.  Carved and gouged with great detail by my sweetie, we now have a collection of spoons from the remnants of our deceased front yard tree.  R.I.P. suspected fruit tree, we hardly knew thee alive, yet your being will live on in our kitchen for years to come.

There are many creative wood projects adorning our home, but there is really something super cool about utensils made by hand.  The wood dictates how the spoon turns out, and now we have a plethora of options from serving spoons to baking spoons (long and narrow for stirring batter) to a risotto spoon.

When this beauty arrived in the kitchen last night, I admired its angle and I had a hunch that it would be just perfect for something.  This spoon’s moment came tonight when I was making a pot of pumpkin risotto (also known as cleaning out the cupboards).  The spoon really has a perfect angle for stirring and getting all of the arborio rice unstuck in the pot.  I am loving my new spoon!

I’m sure the dead tree could have provided us with a night’s worth of campfire, but with some imagination and some work, you can give something a new life.  You can turn something disposable into something useful and beautiful.


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