Chalk Full of Ideas!

Who needs fancy fabric pencils when you have chalk?

Who needs fancy fabric pencils when you have chalk?

Do you ever have that moment where you feel like your project is getting out of control and becoming stressful?  I have these kinds of moments quite often and the solution is to step away before I get flustered.  After all, crafting is supposed to be my antidote to the stress in life, not another instigator.  Over the weekend, I was working on what will become a baby quilt and getting overwhelmed by the explicit instructions to keep quilt blocks labeled left and right.  This directive sounds much more simplistic than how the pattern really is, trust me.  Anyhow, I went to the garage to kvetch with my sweetie who was working on his own creation.  He suggested writing on them, or marking the separate sides with chalk.  Holy cow, my problem was instantly solved!  Armed with chalk, I was able to label my pieces (on the back, naturally) so that during the process of creation, there is no mistaken direction.

I love that the simple solution of chalk was brought up and how quickly I was able to move past my previous hurdle.  Armed with my chalk, I was no longer stressed out about mixing up my pieces.  I am going to keep this piece of chalk with my quilting tools for future projects.  Sometimes, you just need someone to point out the obvious, simple solution.

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