You Never Know What You’ll Find on the Ground

My awesome haul!

My awesome haul!

Yesterday we attempted to go kayaking on a nearby reservoir.  What we thought would be a leisurely paddle was thwarted by crazy winds.  Thank goodness we have giant, stable sea kayaks!  It was surreal to be paddling on a man-made reservoir in the desert and feeling as if we were in the more turbulent waters of the Puget Sound or Columbia River.

Anyhow, after getting bounced around for a couple of hours, we decided to take a walk, shake off the sea/reservoir (?) sickness and find the creek that feeds the reservoir.  Walking across the dam, I was forced to look down at the ground for the wind was so strong.  And, thank goodness I did for, lo and behold, this road was covered with pieces of obsidian.  Now, who creates a road out of one of the sharpest rocks in existence (naturally occurring volcanic glass) I cannot explain, but I found some of the coolest pieces to add to my rock collection.  I am an amateur geologist, don’t you know.

In addition to my question of why the obsidian was there, I want to know where it is from.  There is no known obsidian within 100 miles of us, but I still find chunks of it when I’m scouring for rocks in the desert.  Some of these pieces could be old flakes from tools as obsidian was highly valued for its sharp consistency.  The sheer number of pieces that I found in the most unlikely place — on top of a dam road — is truly bizarre.  Also incredibly intriguing is how the rocks are rounded like river rock with the shiny, glass on the inside.  I wish I could solve the mystery of these rocks!

You really never know what you will see when you look down on the ground.  When you take your eyes away from the big picture, you can find tiny wildflowers, little critters and cool rocks in unexpected places.


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