Working From the Center Out

Start in the center.  Go from there.

Start in the center. Go from there.


As I sit here hand-quilting another project, I realize that starting at the center and working out is analogous to life just as it is essential to quilting.  In life, we should look to our centers and work from there; if we quilt from the outside in, we get a bumpy quilt.  Our hearts, and our gut, can tell us a lot about life and how it should be lived.  You know that feeling in your heart, that sinking feeling when things are not right?  That feeling comes from deep within, it is your center communicating to you.

I’ve had these moments in life where I just know things are not right — heck, I’m going through this right now.  It is easy to get overwhelmed when your heart and your mind are in disagreement, but there are ways to realign yourself.  It is important to always work on yourself, to learn more about what you need, and want, in life.  For example, yesterday I needed a House of Cards episode and a glass of wine on the couch for an hour to shut off my brain from the tedious job search.  Today, my day and needs will be different, a walk to the library and an hour spent on some projects as a reward for continuing to push along.  Moving forward, I’m going to continually listen to my heart in addition to my rational mind.  Working on my quilt reminded me that it is important to never forget your center while forging ahead in life.



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