When One Door Closes . . .

Closing up the coop

Closing up the coop


When one door closes, another door opens.  How many times have we heard this proverb, and yet we still need a continual reminder that things often happen for a reason.

After a couple of tough years roughing it out in the wild east of Oregon, I am now a resident  (so says my lease and my library card) of an idyllic town nestled amongst the mountains of southwestern Colorado.  I have vowed to take advantage of all there is to see and do here, all the while eating green chile every day.  I take this latter vow pretty seriously.  In leaving Oregon, there were many goodbyes, but I know in my heart these will soon be followed by many hellos.

It can be very hard to wait patiently for a change in your life, especially when you are a person that believes in taking action.  This time around, waiting has proved to be invaluable as we did not flee to some place to stay for another couple of years, instead somewhere I can really imagine a present and a future.  I  have landed in a place where I don’t have to think about commuting except on the weekends to be in nature.  I am in a place where people take life seriously with a lot of fun involved.  I am in a place where people care — and this point alone makes everything worthwhile.

Closing the door on the old life wasn’t totally easy, no matter that I was pleading to the universe for a change.  It was hard to say goodbye to the chickens and to our home brimming with our crafts and fond memories.  I learned to quilt in that town and left behind some wonderful people, who will always be in my memory whenever I sit down to sew.  I said goodbye to getting hugs from kiddos at the grocery store and to being a familiar face around a small town.  I have no idea what will happen here — what career form I will adopt, what new hobbies will engross me and just how much green chile I really can eat.  It’s exciting this new life and all of those doors I closed, all of the goodbyes I shared will be counterbalanced with openness and welcomes.  I just know it.


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