Get Well Tonic

Comfort Tea Ingredients

Comfort Tea Ingredients

Ugh, it is that time of year again — crud season.  With the falling of the leaves comes the falling of healthy folks with colds and bugs.  And this includes me.

The past 72 hours have passed in a haze of sickness in bed with a smattering of Netflix videos,  a skosh of knitting, a ton of napping and a lot of homemade get well tonic.  In the last few years, I have been sick often so I have my healing tactics down pat.  The get well tonic is simple and made with ingredients that are always in the house, or if not, easily procured.  This concoction works well with ailments such as sore throats, colds, stomach aches (lighter on the lemon, heavier on the ginger and perhaps peppermint tea), and general overall yuckiness.

Jennifer’s Get Well Tonic

Steep together – thinly sliced fresh ginger, herbal tea (or simply hot water) and one half of a cinnamon stick in a small teapot or mug.  Add fresh lemon juice and a heaping teaspoon of raw honey.  Drink often.

Variations can include different herbal teas, a pinch of cayenne (for congestion) or a dram of whiskey.  This drink has the added benefits of natural sugar and antioxidants while re-hydrating and warming the body.  If you search for “natural cold or flu remedies” online, some variation of this drink will be one of your top searches — and for good reason, it works.

Now whenever I feel the slightest twinge of a bug coming on, I make a pot of this tea.  Even if I can’t stop the crud, I can make this simple healthful drink to stay hydrated and get better.  Along with lots of sleep, this simple drink can bring comfort when needed most.


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