A Job Well Done

Trusty Bernina and English Cider

Trusty Bernina and English Cider

When you spend your working days not working with your hands (sorry but typing doesn’t really count although it does lead to repetitive stress syndrome and carpel tunnel troubles), you crave your time off to use your body and to craft.  At least I do.  This leads to a lot of what other people may classify as work in my spare time, although I consider this relaxing and sanity saving.

Today was a rainy day,  by southwest Colorado standards, which was perfect for getting sh*t done around the house.  I’m not talking laundry or cleaning or organizing, all of which definitely need to happen but never will during my precious weekend hours.  I am talking about tackling projects that need to get finished and out of the house into the hands of recipients.

At 5 p.m. this afternoon, after countless hours of crafting (side note:  I suggest that you never keep track of the actual hours expended during time intensive crafts otherwise you will start calculating your time and start convincing yourself that the manufactured item you saw at ___________ big box store is actually a good investment) I finished up my very first free motion quilt top.  Hooray for me, the first learning experiment is done!  There are still (many) threads to hide, binding to make, binding to sew, oh and a second matching quilt to quilt, bind, etc. but the relief in the accomplishment is still there.  There is such sincere satisfaction in a job completed when you actually get to see your work materialize (pun intended) in front of you.

It is the weekend, a time when we are supposed to relax and unwind from the rest of the week.  If I’m not camping then I’m working away on projects that I want to do, that relaxes me and instills me with a sense of purpose.  As I enjoy the remaining drops of my cider, I am thankful for the slight ache of my neck and my tired eyes from hours of fulfilling hard work.  And knowing that my effort will be passed along to loved ones makes the satisfaction even more precious.


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