A Quilt in a Day *

Lily quilt2

The finished project


* Okay, so this wasn’t pieced but it was quilted — and completed — in a day!

I have been on a baby blanket binge lately; it seems as if everyone around me starting having babies at the same time.  I have spent countless hours knitting blankets in the yurt and on my lunch hour but when I found the above fabric (11 yards for $8 at the thrift store, thank you very much!). I knew that after so much knitting, I wanted to try something different.  Conveniently my newborn niece has a room decorated in green and raspberry, so this bright fabric is perfect.


Basting away

I have done a few quilts with free motion quilting and want to do more to perfect the skill.  It is intimidating to take a pieced top that you’ve spent oodles of time and money on and essentially practice quilting it.  This project seemed like a good opportunity to get some practice in and have a quick baby present made.  I started by basting the two pieces of fabric and batting with multitudes of pins.  Once the piece was basted, I was ready to sew.


And we’re quilting

The nice thing about practicing on a blanket of this size is that you don’t have a lot of excess fabric to move around and impede progress.  Compared to the other quilts I’ve done, this was finished in a matter of a couple of hours.  Tuned into a jazz station, I let the music inspire my swirly stitching pattern.  Also, because the blanket is two sides of this strong fabric pattern, I didn’t have to worry about any stitches that were less than perfect being blatantly obvious.  I finished up the project with some complementary bright pink binding and by the end of a weekend day, I had a completed blanket and felt more comfortable with my free motion skills.  With 9 more yards of fabric to go, I think that a few more of these will be in my future, probably for charity but perhaps as back-up gifts for the when the next round of babies strikes.





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