Greetings and welcome to Spinach and Whales, a blog about crafting your own way in life.  Why the crazy name you ask?  Well, because all of the other names with craft, handmade and cooking were taken — and popular.  Even my attempts at wit and puns were unsuccessful.  So, I randomly selected two items from the plethora of things that I love including, but not limited to:  laughter, clouds shaped like animals, trees, rocks, mountains, water, petroglyphs, books, tahini, coffee, wine/spirits, friendship and food.  Spinach and whales it is.

Now this blog is more than a goofy name, it’s about an appreciation of the handmade.  I have always been an avid maker of things from a young age, a tendency that just becomes more ingrained the longer I am on this planet.  I cook, I sew, I quilt, I knit, I write, I photograph, I bake, and I simply love everything handmade.  I am not, however, just a maker of objects: I truly love the process of creating something useful with my hands and my imagination.  During times trying and triumphant, my hands are busy creating and experimenting with craft.

For the past five years, I have been writing about life and vocabulary at lexigal.com and have been published sporadically in small publications.  Writing is my ultimate form of expression, and to have the opportunity to document my passion for the homemade is a great dream come true.

Please enjoy my posts on projects large and small, and the lessons learned throughout.

Crafty diem!


(Note, many of my projects are patterns or recipes that I did not create.  All will be given credit where credit is due.)

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