All of my recipes are made from scratch.  Once again, I love both the process of cooking and baking, and, naturally, indulging in the final product.  I tend to make dishes that take a long time to cook and a little time to consume.  (Alas, you won’t find a whole lot of quick tips here.)  Also, all of my recipes are made with economy in mind; I am proof that you can eat incredibly well on a small budget.  Some of my recipes are of my own, others from beloved cookbooks or new-to-me blogs.  I live in a small town where restaurant choices are minimal, therefore if I’m craving Lebanese or Thai, I’ve got to give it a go and make my own.  I will never have pinto beans that are the same of those at the local taco cart or hummus as creamy and smooth as my favorite Lebanese restaurants, but I will try and try until a suitable facsimile is achieved!   Good homemade food is one of the most pure and simple pleasures around.  Bon appetit!

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